The Knights Dawning
The Crusades Series - Book 1
by James Batchelor

13th century England: The nobility is aligning against King John in a struggle for power. The kingdom is embroiled in war and bankrupt, and the Crusades are rampaging through the Middle East. The Dawnings are a once-powerful family of English knights who are facing the bleak prospects of their declining power and imminent destruction at the hands of enemies that surround them both at home and abroad…

The first book in the Crusades series, The Knights Dawning, sets the stage for a titanic struggle for survival that could consume a family, a people, and a kingdom. The epic battles and action-packed scenes are coupled with deep characters and complex relationships that give the story a depth beyond ordinary adventure novels. Join the Dawnings as they feud over power, love, jealousies, and old grudges that threaten to destroy the family from within at the moment they most need to stand united.

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