The Darkest Knight

The long awaited to follow up to The Knights Mourning is finally here!

In book two of the Crusades Series, The Knights Mourning, The Dawnings were betrayed by one of their own. Ambushed on their own lands, the army was decimated by the combined might of a Saracen-Braddock force.

When it was clear that defeat was inevitable, Richard ordered the remnants of the Dawning chivalry back to fortify Dawning Castle in a last desperate attempt to preserve the barony, while he and William attempted to delay the enemy.

Now, sealed in the castle with only a handful of trained soldiers, those who are left struggle to mount a defense against a superior army and an unseen enemy within the castle working against them at every step.

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Book 2
The Knights Mourning

The Dawnings are at war! After narrowly surviving a surprise attack on their own soil, the family is passionately divided over how to use their failing resources to respond to the Braddock army at their gates, the escalating tension with the crown, and an unknown enemy in their midst. The mounting danger to the family and their way of life exposes the deep rifts among the brothers, and drives them even further apart as the struggle for control of Dawning Court rages ever hotter. Building on the momentum of The Knights Dawning, The Knights Mourning watches the Dawnings continue to spin out of control as each brother is forced to confront his demons and, one by one, each must choose between his own self-preservation and that of the family and realm.

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Book 1
The Knights Dawning

13th century England: The nobility is aligning against King John in a struggle for power. The kingdom is embroiled in war and bankrupt, and the Crusades are rampaging through the Middle East. The Dawnings are a once-powerful family of English knights who are facing the bleak prospects of their declining power and imminent destruction at the hands of enemies that surround them both at home and abroad…

The first book in the Crusades series, The Knights Dawning, sets the stage for a titanic struggle for survival that could consume a family, a people, and a kingdom. The epic battles and action-packed scenes are coupled with deep characters and complex relationships that give the story a depth beyond ordinary adventure novels. Join the Dawnings as they feud over power, love, jealousies, and old grudges that threaten to destroy the family from within at the moment they most need to stand united.

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Hall of Mages

The Northern Kingdoms have lived in relative peace since the end of The Exile, a war that was fought between the races. The humans banished the Shaldean and Islanii races to First World, and attempted to hunt the shape-shifting Danshii to extinction. But now, many years after the war has ended, a new species has appeared in the south. Dubbed “The Revenant,” this mysterious race begins hunting the humans near the border. The Revenant Gate, a great barrier between the North and South, is created to keep them in the desolate Southern lands.

Jeron is a young Fielder training at the Redsun Academy. He discovers that the barrier has been breached, but before he can raise the alarm, he stumbles upon the recently murdered body of a high ranking official. He is discovered standing over the dead body holding the official’s mysterious sword. Believed to be responsible for the murder, Jeron flees.

Now, time is of the essence as Jeron struggles to find some way of warning the kingdom of the impending attack from the South. Abandoned by his friends, he is alone save for one very unusual companion.